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Promotion Analysis


The Benefits of Promotion Strategy

Promotional Analysis can often times be a long and complicated process. Figuring out the right duration of a promotion, the appropriate depth of discount, the right seasonality, and the best vehicle to use can be challenging. With Promo360, Kantar Retail can help you optimize the amount of promotional spend to drive overall category performance.

Our Promotional solutions will help you answer questions such as:

  1. What vehicle drives greater return? Is it Feature only? Display only? Feature and Display?
  2. What price should an item be promoted at? What depth of discount should I give?
  3. When to promote a given brand or category? Is a certain month or season better than another one?
  4. How long should the promotion last to reach its full potential without impacting expected base sales?

Promotional analytics can be studied and implemented at different levels: Promo360 will support you through all stages whether you are interested in Foundational Analysis, Predictive Financials or Advanced Predictive.

Kantar Retail's Promo360 will help you understand the profitability of your brands vs your competitors, the cannibalization resulting of a promotion (lift decomposition) and the projected sales at any given retailer.

Promotion Startegy and Promotion Analysis