Virtual Merchandising

Create a virtual world for
store, aisle, and shelf

Red Dot Square 3D Shelf

Virtual Reality

Kantar Retail Virtual Reality is the defining industry standard in the creation of Virtual Reality software for the Consumer Products industry. It enables our clients to make better and more efficient decisions. Our software solution provides manufacturers and retailers with a solution to win at the point of purchase through:

  1. Conducting shopper research in real time store environments
  2. Merchandising new shelf layouts and bringing different assortment and placement ideas to life
  3. Developing new store concepts or redesigning categories in a store environment

All too often, when working on space planning, retailers and manufacturers alike encounter complex store concept design that are resource heavy and time consuming. Fortunately, thanks to Virtual Reality, stores can be built directly from existing architectural, marketing and merchandising plans enabling fast communication and collaboration of ideas.

It becomes easy to build and test many design iterations before actually committing to build real stores and therefore eliminating expensive mistakes.

Virtual merchandising is faster and cheaper than in-store modeling. It drives better informed decisions with consequent revenue uplifts and speed to market reductions from 26 to 16 weeks. Virtual merchandising generates high savings in labor time as well as significant reductions in travel and maintenance costs.

Through virtual merchandising, shoppers purchase behavior can be analyzed quickly and in a cost effective way, streamlining the space optimization decision process. Additionally, conducting research in the context of a virtual stores will enable quick and confidential testing of concepts and ideas as well as store flow and navigation.