Kantar Retail’s Visual Shelf is an easy to use cost-effective solution to give you access to all major features of Space Planning as well as unique benefits. It was designed for both retailers and manufacturers that are looking for efficient and simple Space Planning software solutions.

Key Features
  • Planogram Formats
    Planogram Formats
    Ability to read and update major planogram formats – JDA (psa), Apollo (xmz) and SpaceMan (pln) formats
  • Intuitive Interface
    Intuitive Interface
    An intuitive and easy to use interface..
  • Multi-Device
    Multi device capability and OS independent so use it on an Ipad, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet, Mac, etc
  • Multi-User
    Our interface allows for multiple users to connect to the same planogram, nurturing a collaborative environment over an isolated one
  • Data Import
    Data Import
    Ability to import and highlight performance and attribute data
  • Reporting
    Generate multiple reports grouped by attribute, space to sales, category share, etc
  • Pre/Post Planogram
    Pre/Post Planogram
    Pre and post planogram comparison and ability to co-create a planogram