Adding a SKU that generates $1MM of dollars/profit, but sources mostly from your SKUs may not be as valuable as adding a SKU that generates $0.7MM of dollars/profit, but sources mostly from competitive SKUs. Conversely, if you have to delist a SKU you want to delist the one that results in the least loss of dollars/profit to other manufacturers.

SKURat will help you identify opportunities to source volume from competitors rather than from within own portfolio. Furthermore, it can also assist with national planning in terms of setting distribution goals for specific items/brands by quantifying the impact that will have on your portfolio.

Key Features
  • Incrementality
    Define how incremental are products to your brand portfolio
  • Profitability
    Calculate a product’s incremental profitability (margin)
  • Cannibalization
    Understand what competitors do your products source volume from
  • Rationalization
    Determine what competitors are benefiting from your discontinued products
  • Targeting
    Recommend which additional competitor SKUs can we target for delist based on volume we could gain
  • Shelving
    Categorize which product size ranges can potentially be discontinued with the smallest impact to your portfolio