RichMix® succeeds where others fall short

There are two approaches to assortment, or two different ways to identify a SKU’s value: dollar sales or incrementality.

The traditional approach uses straight dollar sales to determine a SKU’s relative strength. Using this methodology would result in ranking a list of SKUs based on their absolute dollar contribution. We believe that this approach overlooks the unique incremental sales brought to a category by a given item.

Kantar Retail's proprietary regression analysis model leads to smarter category recommendation than using simple ranking reports. This is why RichMix®'s output is based on the unique value a SKU brings that will benefit the whole category.

Add Delist Insight

Key Features
  • Key Insights
    Key Insights
    Fully customizable reporting functionality displaying both visual and text based results
  • Batch Scenarios
    Batch Scenarios
    Load, optimize and delve insights from hundreds of simultaneously run scenarios using role driven assortment principles
  • Speed of Use
    Speed of Use
    Model assortment changes and view results in a matter of seconds
  • Analytics
    Powered by industry leading transferrable demand curve methodology
  • Visual Shelf
    Visual Shelf
    View your shelf and make assortment changes to SKUs and facings and immediately see what the shelf will look like
  • Innovation Modelling
    Innovation Modelling
    Input primary research of innovation products to model their incrementality and impact
  • Multi Level Incrementality
    Multi Level Incrementality
    Identify average incremental impact of items at a national level using aggregate of preselected retailers
  • Multi-Device
    Multi device capability and OS independent so use it on an Ipad, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet, Mac,etc.
  • Store Clustering
    Store Clustering
    Create custom datasets for analysis quickly from preloaded or user loaded data