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CPG PoweRanking at Retail

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Space gained for a major CPG
supplier at Walmart last year

CPG assortment analytics contribute to Space Gain at Retail


Optimize your category
and SKU performance

Category Assortment tools help Optimize Assortment

Trade Spend

Optimize price and promotion
to drive consumer spend

Trade Pricing Analytics help optimize CPG pricing strategy


Optimize your planogram and
visualize products on 3D shelf

Retail Space Analytics drive optimal shelf

The best tools to win at Retail

Winning at retail has become more challenging than ever before. Channels have multiplied and are fragmented, competition is fierce on every front and the rise of data management has set a new standard for retail practices. Manufacturers now have an obligation to propose a clear differentiated compelling offer to shoppers as well as act as advisors to retailers. They are the thought leader required to bring expertise and knowledge to the market.

Before a product can be displayed in a store, marketers have to thoroughly understand:

  1. What optimal product assortment should be carried in the aisle
  2. When and what item should be promoted for how long
  3. What optimal price would yield maximum profit
  4. Which space planning strategies would best benefit customers

At Kantar Retail, we understand that the very nature of our clients business is changing. Our objective is to provide them with best-in class analytical tools that will help them easily analyze the data, identify gaps and opportunities, and implement a winning strategy.

Kantar Retail provides industry-leading tools, superior analytics and consulting services. Our teams are constantly working hand in hand with our client to develop winning strategies at retail.

Kantar Retail Analytics solutions help manufacturers make the most informed decisions at retail, capitalizing on all data available and ultimately driving revenue, margin and profit growth.

Kantar Retail Analytics offers tools in Assortment, Pricing, Promotion and Merchandising

Assortment Optimization

Powered by RichMix®, our Assortment solutions help managers optimize category growth, determine SKU incrementality and take insights to retailers. While RichMix® will help drive category performance, PortfolioMix optimizes an internal portfolio of SKUs

  • RichMix Assortment Tool optimizes CPG Assortment Strategy
  • SkuRat Portfolio tool optimizes CPG Portfolio Strategy

Trade Spend Optimization

Our Trade Analysis offer will help our clients determine what promotional and pricing strategy to implement to drive top-line growth. Thanks to our easy to use tools, Promo360 and Price360, they will be able to maximize profit implementing the right strategies across different customers and channels.

  • Price Analytics
  • Promotion Analytics

Space Optimization

Our Shelf Visualization products include both planogram display (Visual Shelf) and in-store virtual reality (Kantar Retail Virtual Reality). These solutions enable our clients to visualize and quantify the impact of removing a SKU or introducing a new item.

  • Visual Shelf Merchandising Solutions at Retail
  • Kantar Retail Virtual Reality